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¿Quieres saber qué piensa Google de tí? www.googlism.com. A mí me salió esto:

alfredo is an italian dish
alfredo is a very very popular dish in north america and is on most menus in "italian
alfredo is not unreasonable
alfredo is the place for you
alfredo is one of the leading performers on the paraguayan harp
alfredo is indignant and treats her like a prostitute
alfredo is heartbroken and comforted by his father
alfredo is one of america's favorite pasta dishes
alfredo is an 8
alfredo is left alone
alfredo is largely a weak character
alfredo is upset when he learns from annina that violetta has been selling her jewelry to help pay their expenses and goes to paris to get some money with
alfredo is currently serving as treasurer for the undergraduate division of the rehabilitation counseling association at cal state la he is a member of the
alfredo is invited to celebrate wine and love
alfredo is a private villa overlooking shoal bay and just a short 5 minute walk to what many call the most beautiful beach in the caribbean
alfredo is our home away from home and is located on a slope looking down over shoal bay east on the island of anguilla
alfredo is by don juan
alfredo is away from their apartment his father
alfredo is introduced to violetta by the decadent gaston
alfredo is getting much traction
alfredo is so high
alfredo is able to quantify the market and pick the major support and resistance levels
alfredo is introduced to violetta whom he has long admired from a distance
alfredo is
alfredo is the
alfredo is still hard at work on the applications
alfredo is seized by an angry frenzy
alfredo is killed
alfredo is it comes with a toasting rack and a toasting sheet
alfredo is blinded
alfredo is all she has in the world
alfredo is 'finished' in the pan
alfredo is out of don juan who was awarded the very prestigious title of "hanoverian stallion of the year" in 1997
alfredo is on the job
alfredo is inconsolable
alfredo is also impressed by charlie carrillo's work and that of his students
alfredo is overjoyed at his life together with his beloved
alfredo is the love of her dreams
alfredo is also the founder and creative director of carta products ?a company that designs and markets fashion
alfredo is asked to call the polk county sheriff's office at 1
alfredo is the true love of her dreams; in the end
alfredo is the man her heart has always sought
alfredo is the same that illuminated him
alfredo is already bent on revenge
alfredo is very well kept
alfredo is classical dish; it is a preparation technique not a sauce as it is being led to believe
alfredo is convinced that she has left him to begin once again her old life and decides to revenge himself
alfredo is op zijn manier gebonden aan het verleden
alfredo is crushed because he believes she has left with another man
alfredo is able to show people something new that he didn't do before
alfredo is the projectionist
alfredo is teaching the practicum class
alfredo is among those guilty indulgences that are so worth it"
alfredo is a 16
alfredo is proof
alfredo is woedend en ontroostbaar
alfredo is a splurge; do it right
alfredo is the classic
alfredo is now established in the us
alfredo is introduced to violetta whom he has admired from a distance
alfredo is a culinary hedonist's dream
alfredo is located a short walk from downtown zihuatanejo
alfredo is one of the rare class
alfredo is dead and making a sentimental
alfredo is recommended
alfredo is the artist who did the illustrations for the seed savers' handbook
alfredo is the king of fettuccini
alfredo is living inside his electric train and doesn't want to come out for fear of his mother
alfredo is the director of mexican missionary society and has been siu's partner in mexico since 1984
alfredo is teaching him about dreams
alfredo is madly in love
alfredo is a cybercafe located in soma
alfredo is distributed nationally through all major retail chains
alfredo is a strong and quiet individual
alfredo is deputy us marshall and 40 years old
alfredo is the restaurant specialty
alfredo is just getting started
alfredo is paid for his crop weekly
alfredo is a senior majoring in industrial engineering
alfredo is one of 42 children at rainbow children's home
alfredo is the second totally natural macaroni and cheese we introduced
alfredo is every bit as popular today as it was during the fun

weird, isn´t?

4 Respuestas a “Googlism”

  1. # Blogger N.

    y yo soy Naya o Rossana??  

  2. # Blogger 

    Si no sabes tú... por qué tendría que saber yo?  

  3. # Blogger Pandora

    Que te has hecho???...  

  4. # Blogger 

    mucho trabajo... tengo ideas buenas para postear pero no time, no time!!!!  

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